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This blog is about using Farmers Market and CSA box produce, cooking in season, and making as many things as possible from scratch without taking all day in the kitchen. Great food isn’t difficult, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time!

My Cooking Philosophy

It is my mission not only to help you cook fresh, but to have fun in the kitchen! The question “What’s for dinner?” should not be a stressor, but a place of solace.

Cooking With Fresh Ingredients

Make the most of your farmers market finds and csa share

The area I live in is largely agricultural. We are surrounded by farms of varying size that grow many types of fresh produce, beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and we even have a couple of local flour mills.

I love using these products in my recipes! Not only am I supporting small businesses, but I know what is in everything I eat, and I know the people who grew it.

I want to help you do the same! The recipes on this site are for anyone looking to utilize more fresh local ingredients, no matter where you might live.

For many years, I have wandered the local farmers markets and roadside honesty stands in my area, always looking for new ways to use what I find. I also grow some of my own fruits and veggies!

I even spent two seasons helping out at a small local organic farm near my home weeding, harvesting, and tending to many varieties of organic produce. This experience has helped hone my skills cooking great seasonal food with real ingredients, as well as becoming familiar with how fruits and vegetables grow.

bowls of leek and potato soup with a napkin and spoon

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Behind the recipes

How The Copper Table Got its Start

Mine and my husband’s family heritage has been an inspiration as well as a wealth of knowledge when it comes to recipe development.

My grandmother was raised on a small farm in rural Tennessee during the Great Depression. She taught me so much about fresh homemade cooking and growing food (as well as using what you’ve got and not being wasteful) and I use this experience in developing every recipe you find here. Her guidance taught me everything from soup to biscuits!

We are a busy family with weeks full of sports, activities, and hobbies. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up! With all of that going on, it can be difficult to put a decent meal on the table and calling for takeout can feel less stressful than cooking.

I wanted to avoid that trap, and I decided to find ways to eat more fresh foods that are less processed, as well as homemade dishes to keep me and my family going.

If that sounds like you, then I hope these recipes are helpful! Eating well in spite of life’s daily demands is something I am really passionate about, and I enjoy helping other people do the same!

It is my goal to use my experiences and know-how to help you with ideas for Farmers Market produce, your own garden, whatever you might find in your CSA box, and cooking from scratch.

The recipes on this site are also great for anyone looking to cook with more fresh foods in general, you are not just limited to what you may find at a Farmers Market.

There are a lot of great ingredients at local grocery stores as well, and the recipes here will help you use those too! When the Farmers Markets and honesty stands are closed for the Winter and there are no CSA shares, I buy produce at my local grocery store when needed.

How The Copper Table Can Help You

Cooking with the seasons using fresh ingredients

photo of caprese salad with burrata cheese on a white plate.

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How To Use This Site

finding the recipes you need

Eating fresh isn’t hard, and I have so many great ideas and tutorials to help you eat better, while doing so in a way that doesn’t feel like you are cutting out everything that tastes good. Who wants to eat a bunch of boring food? I sure don’t!

Easy Dinners

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About me

Hello, I’m Amy!

I’m a fresh produce nerd and farmers market geek. When I am not developing recipes for the website, I am a Food Service Professional who cooks hundreds of meals a day. When I get the chance to watch TV (which isn’t often), I love British Bake Off!

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I have always loved food and cooking. In 2019 when the opportunity to take my passion for food and love of writing and turn them into a blog came along, I couldn’t pass up the chance!

Fun Facts About Me

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I hope you love the recipes you find here! If you’d like all the latest updates, be sure to sign up for my email newsletter. Be well and Happy Cooking!