30 Classic Italian American Recipes

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In honor of Italian American Heritage Month, I am bringing you this collection of 30 Classic Italian American Recipes from all around the Web! Lasagna, Risotto, Meatballs, Cheesecake, and so much in between. You’ll find it all here!

Italian American Favorites-

I am a sucker for comfort food, especially anything Italian. There is just something about it that hits the spot after a long day. I have gathered a collection of recipes from many great bloggers and recipe developers that I hope you will love!

You will find all types of recipes here that are well known Italian American classics, and you can have them all right in your own home! Need a recipe for Tiramisu? It’s here! Lasagna? You got it! Marinara Sauce? You betcha!

The Contributors

I am very grateful to each blogger who has contributed to this collection. They are all so generous in sharing these with me to pass along to you. Clicking on the button below each recipe photo in the list takes you directly to their blog post and recipe. Along with a few of my own recipes, there are recipes from over two dozen bloggers for you to enjoy.

I would like to thank this great list of foodies for their contribution to this post:

  • Beyond The Chicken Coop
  • The Suburban Soapbox
  • Foodworth Feed
  • Chisel and Fork
  • Cambrea Bakes
  • Little Sunny Kitchen
  • Joy Food Sunshine
  • Scrambled Chefs
  • Chocolates and Chai
  • Carolyn’s Cooking
  • Biting Into Life
  • Amanda Wilens
  • Everyday Delicious
  • House of Nash Eats
  • Veggie Desserts
  • Kathryn’s Kitchen Blog
  • All That’s Jas
  • Jam Jar Kitchen
  • My Chef’s Apron
  • Josie and Nina
  • Saporito Kitchen
  • Little Sunny Kitchen
  • Ugly Duckling Bakery
  • Masala Herb
  • Spend With Pennies
  • Venturists
  • Son Shine Kitchen
  • Mae’s Menu

I truly hope you enjoy this fabulous collection of Italian American favorites. If you loved these recipes, please leave a rating or comment or share on social media. For other great recipes from around the web, check out my 25 of The Best Recipes for Fall Soups!

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30 Classic Italian American Recipes

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